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First Boil

Our first boil this year was February 17.  This is the earliest we have boiled in our 24 years of making maple syrup but only by two days.  We have had three other years that were almost as early.  So far we have made about 12% of a crop and all of it is nice flavored fancy.  Even Donna, who normally prefers dark amber syrup admitted it is some of the nicest fancy she has tasted.  The weather this week looks favorable for a couple of small sap runs.  The big runs will occur later in March.

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Valentine’s Day Dinner

Looking for a last minute idea for a special dinner? Try one of our favorite “special occasion” dinners.
Serves two gluttons, ie. Andy & Donna.

1/2 lb large sea scallops
1 lb bacon
1/4 cup Vermont dark amber or grade B syrup

wrap each scallop in one strip of bacon and hold in place with a wooden tooth pick.
Place on broiling pan and baste with syrup.
Broil until done. Turn scallops frequently and baste with each turn.
Serve with rice and your favorite vegetable.

Hope you enjoy this. Andy & Donna

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A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a perfect day to be in the woods.  What a difference a year makes.  Last year we had three feet of snow and were on snowshoes when we tapped, this year (you can see from the photos below) we have no snow (yet) and it is much easier.  We got over 400 taps in today.

God’s creation is what provides us the sweet maple syrup but these two pictures show it also provides work to go along with it.  The dead tree will be cut off the line today.  It has caused no damage to the line.  The first picture is porcupine damage to our pipeline.  This will also get fixed today.  We invade their home and they strike back.  Animal damage from squirrels, coyotes, deer, bear and moose is a common problem sugarmakers in VT deal with.ImageImage

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Tank Wash

Earlier this week I took advantage of a warm day to wash out all our tanks in anticipation of the new sugaring season.  To me and most other maple syrup producers, the excitement of the first sap flow is like Christmas morning to a child.  At MPS we are getting all our sap lines and equipment ready.  We will begin tapping our trees tomorrow.Image

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