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Beautiful weather

Today’s weather and the forcasted weather for the next few day is great, unless you are a maple syrup producer.  Three or four days in the 70s will bring an early end to our sugaring season.  The trees buds will expand and the trees matabolism changes making the syrup flavor undesirable.  I’m sad to see the season end so soon but I am enjoying the warm sunshine.  It’s almost time to get the motorcycle out.

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Grade change


Each drum that is produced is recorded and a sample is taken.  This photo shows the progression of syrup grades that have been made so far.  These sample bottles are arranged chronologically.  Our first sample is on the left and our last on the right.

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Busy season

Things have been a little busy here at MPS.  Yesterday started the biggest sap run of the season which is still running as I write this.  Our production is now about 40% of last years.  We boiled last night for a few hours to make sure our tanks didn’t overflow.  We will try and get all the sap processed today.

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No Snow

The last couple of days has been too cold for the sap to flow.  We expected a few inches of snow but only got a dusting.  Our next boil will probably be Saturday afternoon.  Our sugarhouse is open to visitors when we are boiling so take a road trip.  We would love to see you.

So far we’ve produced 15% of a crop and all of it fancy.  Not bad for February.  The sugar content of the sap has increased to above average for us.